Friday, 14 September 2012

Pub Pint Pint Pub

First night out in Brazil, my city- Blumenau, a small town in the south of Brazil.
Coming from England guess where I was taken???
To a pub!!! Can you believe that???
I have to say, being there I missed this city, the the end it is my place...
The pub is great, a basement in the city center, hence the name.

Great music, nice ambiance and good fun included!!!

The objective of this post was to share pictures of the different outfits of my friends...but I lost all the pictures! ;(
We have something in plan for next wednesday and it will be great!!! Wait for the post, you'll be surprised!

Anyway, I'm sharing below all I have from last night.
If you end up coming to Blumenau this is the best place in town on a Thursday night!
100% recommended

Yes, we are "sexy" and we know it! hahahaha (joking!)
Let's get it started!

Almost "game over"
Great reception from my gorgeous friends! They are all DIVAS!!!

No alcohol allowed for me. So..."who" should I choose?

On top of the fun I got to know some great music as well. 
No videos from last night either, but some videos from the 2 best musics of the night!

At the pub: The Kooks

Because the bells rings at 1am in Blumenau as well, there was an "after hours", best best best music of the night!!!

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