Sunday, 12 December 2010

And so this is Christmas...

It's approaching and even though it feels strange that another year is ending, I can't wait to go home, to my beloved Brazil and spend days and days at the beach with friends and family!
In order to get into the mood I brought in some Christmas decoration !!! And I have to say it started very well! The day I went after my Christmas tree I "met" Hugh Grant twice!!! In 2 different places!!!! Do you guys know what faith means?!!! hahahaha

So, here I share some pictures of home and how it feels in a sunday evening. It's cold outside, but I feel so comfortable in here!

Hope you like it and get into the mood. I'm trying to...
See ya!

Sunday, 28 November 2010


2 weeks without showing up...Apologies!!!
It's already late, busy weekend, looong week ahead (including searching for a Christmas tree in my "to dos list!")...So, can't say much more for now, 2 posts half edited...
I promise during the week I'll share them. Deal?
For now, enjoy this one! I'm totally addicted!!!!

Quadron- Slippin

It's a must in my soooo desired Summer!!! I can picture myself listening to it in Fernando de Noronha at New Year's Eve...Can't wait!!!

Tchau! ;)

Monday, 15 November 2010 4 dimensions!

Speechless!!! I love the way even the most classic, traditional brands can bring innovation and blow people's mind!!! The 4th dimension is a splash of Polo fragrances!!! Can you believe it?
And how about the polo match?!!!!! OMG!!!!!

This is the Ralph Lauren flagship store inaugurated last week in NY!!!


See you!
The collector!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Japanese rock

After some fireworks at the park on Saturday "freezing" night, followed by a night picnic with hot wine and some voice on Sunday morning! The plan? Something indoors, and more precisely, that wouldn't required lots of "talking"... something more "observational" let's say.
So, we head to an exposition at the Barbican: Future Beauty, 30 years of Japanese Fashion.
One word only: IM-PRESSIVE!!!

The way Japanese designers use and THINK about the materials, the garment engineering, the simplicity that makes even the "ugly" something beautiful, or at least veeeery interesting.








 And I have to say I always liked, but now I'm totally, utterly in love with Comme des Garçons.
(Rei Kawakubo rocks! She is amazing!)

Diá matá né (See you later!)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"Pegada" street art

When I was living in Sao Paulo, I lived in Vila Madalena- a neighbourhood known for its artistic and relaxed vibe.

Very close to my place, there was this street (known as Beco) full of graffiti & street art. It was fun to change my way just to see what was new there every once in a while. 

Today, a friend (thanks Aline!) shared a picture of this french artist on her Facebook. 
I found it so inspired, so cool! And it also kind of break a bit the rules of the "conventional" graffiti,  always so "statement", most of the times so "busy", so full of information.
I liked the subtlety, the romance and... definitely it has "a pegada"!!!!

(Please, someone help me to translate "pegada"!!! I tried everything, from Google to one knows how to translate it! So, actually, this is another of those words with no translation, such as Saudades...Saudades da Vila, Saudades do Brasil!!)

This is the one Aline shared and I loved!

Que fuerte!

I'm so so sorry but...

I took this picture from a book at a Ralph Lauren shop in Milan! It was a book about the Hollywood divas! And it's so true...

And then, travelling through the web and blogs and labels, I got to know this collection that is so strong and cool and simple and light and bright and full of details and... pure "non effort glamour". Simply loved it! It's actually the debut collection of the German / London & Barcelona based designer Elise Berger for Borne.

I love the ruffles and the bows and the light fabrics that drape beautifully. But what I like the most is that she mix all of that together and make it look stylish and cool and not girlie!!! Liked it?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
See ya!!!