Monday, 10 September 2012

Marmite: love it or hate it!!!


"Any time before 1680 can safely be considered the Dark Ages, certainly as far as Marmite is concerned. The raw ingredients existed- Marmite is made from brewer's yeast that's been used to ferment sugars into alcohol- but Marmite was yet to be invented.

People simply binned the by-products of brewing before they knew any better.

It was 1902 that the Marmite Food Company was set up...."

So, I have to confess- haven't had the courage to try it yet! But living in the UK all I can see is that this is truly an iconic's everywhere, from china, to house decorations, to tapestry, to artwork, stationary, clothing, books toys...everything!!! It's one of those "keep calm and carry on" things you know?! It travels, everywhere, fast and definitely cool!

As a marketeer, a brand's lover and working for Unilever, I got to learn a bit about this brand. It is a Unilever brand and actually is highly regarded internally and a successful case!
Have to mention also that they run a great digital work stream. Their Facebook page has almost 1million fans but more than that, they managed to be so connected to what's going on!!! 

They manage to make cool updated vintage food all the time!!! Very well done!!! And ok, as soon as I'm back in the UK in October I'll try it!!!! Start searching for recipes now! Or shall I go with the basic : Marmite + toast???

Will I become a lover or a hater???

the latest addition to the range- Marmite Gold

To celebrate Notting Hill's Carnival

To celebrate Valentine's day

poster- artwork

lunch bag

Desk Mat

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