Monday, 10 September 2012

Artsy...I want it!!!

I saw this years ago when in Mexico, but at that time I had something against skulls...that time has gone now and I'm dying to get one of this!!!

I'm trying to figure out what I love the most about them: if it's the profusion of colors, the attention to details or the daringness to make something supposed to be dark and signal of death such a lively and vibrating piece of art!
Please, anyone going to Mexico, could you get me one of these!!!????

From Artstation

A bit of background (from Artstation) :

"The Huichol Indians of Mexico live a secluded life in harmony with nature in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains. This people is one of the few still existing indigenous tribes in Mexico. Their artworks are an expression of their culture, which is rich in original and unique ceremonies. They are said to be of great artistic power (I can see that, totally!!!), and all their artworks serves a religious purpose. The "skulls" are a stroke of artistic genius, colorful and unmatched. Each item is unique and an expression of their mental dedication. The skulls, which are richly encrusted with glass beads, show the vitality of these people and strengthen their love for religious traditions. Their dedication is infectious and even persuades outsiders."

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