Friday, 31 August 2012

so special...

" 'e preciso amar as pessoas como se nao houvesse amanha...
porque se voce parar pra pensar, na verdade nao ha..."

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Something new...

When we were kids, my mum used to hire this lady/ artist- Sara Fogaca- to prepare our birthday parties.

I was so in love with that world of colors, glitter, styrofoam that will become our preferred friends from the cartoons...and Sara understood that, so she always allowed me to be part of her crew. 
I think I was good at that because then she allowed me to go to her studio and help with other parties a couple of times...I must be 6, 7, 8 years old...
This is definitely between the good and special memories I have from my childhood. I still remember when she taught me how to make those amazing bows and wrap the beautiful presents. I felt like a big girl!
The other good memory I have is from when my dad used to travel for work. He usually would bring us a present and when it was those metal cases full of colored pencils, wow, that was heaven! Until today I dream of having one of the huuuge ones, with several "floors", 500, 1000 colors!!! 

Then, I went to fashion design school, but just for 1 year, because I was already graduated and working and the opportunity to move to Chile came up so I have to stop my studies...

The world of craft always enchanted me and today, while doing some housekeeping, I found my old colored pens from fashion school, the paper, the brushes and paints that I friend left after a course at Central Saint Martins and...guess what? Nice music and some experimenting...

The result is pretty bad, but the feeling is great! Playing with the brushes, the colors, experimenting in water, drawing...I felt like that little girl from the old times, free, full of good vibes and dreams!!!

First attempt...not promising at all...but fun

Second attempt...

Some songs from the soundtrack...

Oh my Lordddd

Can you believe this?

Definitely my preferred one!!!

Second option! ;)

New collection of Hermes Jewelry bags!!!!

In my "to watch list"

- I love you!
- Why?
- You can't ask "why" about love...


From Brazilian director, Fernando Meirelles, I love all his movies...

you only live once..
how many chances do you get?


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Olympic Blues...Part 2

Some more pictures...
I tried to put them in order, but I'm facing  "technical problems"...
It might be the unusual heat in London! ;)

Semi-Finals- Brazil x Italy!!!!

Sorry man...not this time...

It's ours...

Her first Olympic Games

We are the champions!!! it's time for Men's Football final

Isso aqui OOOooooo

Eh um pouquinho de Brasil Iaiaaaaaa

Tapestry of people

Espadrille made in Brazil

86000 people!!!!

Not this time- Congrats Mexico

Faces of deception
Face of happiness

We miss you....

Mexico in love...

Canada in love

The mexican Bolt

Our friend Pepe watching the men's Volley final. Yes, it was not looking good...

Olympic red rose

From the washing machine to another event

That becomes decoration for the breakfast

Olympic breakfast, but prepared by Cris!!! I love Olympic games!!!

And the dessert prepared as well!!! Yumy!

Sharing the happiness with mum and dad

But sometimes with good to work...

On my way to work, giving way to the volleyball fans going to Earl's
Court Arena

From my desk, the Brazilian flag! Nice

From Floripa: Paquisss!!!

Some clubbing...

House of Nations.
I love the idea of different countries having different houses to host games.

Casa Brasil at Sommerset House.
It was closed though...

When Jessie won gold for Team GB

House of Austria

End of another day, going home

We got more tickets!!!

My cutest friend...she started staring at me...and then....

...she sent me a kiss!!! I fell in love!!!!

and another one! and many many more!!!

He was an olympic athlete, playing for Hungary.
Now he photographs all the olympic games around the world...

My new friend Atilla

While we wait for the medals to be
delivered, there is another attraction

Getting ready on the tube


Well...not this time my friend....

At least someone was happy...

When Team GB won gold for the 5000m!!! Great!!!

Heart attack moment, watching the girls- Volley final

Golden nails

Yessss, eh nossaaaa!!!!

But, it comes a time when it has to finish...
Watching the closing ceremony...

And my home made video...probably you've seen this, but I had to share it here as well!!!