Wednesday, 29 September 2010

"To uma maquina"

In honor to my forever friend Livia: I love my life!!!!
Because it allows me to see these things!!!

It's been a while since last time "we talked".
I have seeeeveral things to share today!!!! Hope you like them!!! Let me know!!!!

I'm more and more becoming a "scarf addicted"! I love them! All types, materials, sizes, colours!!! A good scarf can change an entire look!!!
So, have a look at these great videos from Liberty (I love this shop!!! They have an entire "scarves room" there!!!)

Guys, I don't know how to embed a video in here (does anyone knows? Gugaaaa!!!) So, apologies for making you have to access the links!!! But it's totally worth it!!!
This french "mademoiselle" is great in teaching ways to wear a scarf!!! (By the way, I love the Skull & Russian dolls one!!!)

I live in the city that has the biggest shoes store in the WORLD!!! Isn't it great!!!!????
There are 55.000!!!!!! shoes in stock and 4.000!!!! in display!!!
I'll send them a suggestion: to create a programme "Come spend the night with us!!!!"

(Ceci, my manager!!! Te imaginas??? Nos morimos!!!!)

Number 3!
Good people always say that the "content" is more important than the "package"!!!!!
Ideologically I agree, but frivolously...I gave up to temptation and dare to say: Veja bem... Well, look... Actually, when both come together, it's the best!!!

Love it!Want it! Love it! Want it!
Kiss me quick

Now, credits to my friend Leo who sent me this link!!!
I always loved Evian, and the way they transform such a basic "content" and something so "desirable"!
Watch the video!!!

Colours again, nail polish again...
How cute is this?

and last but not least!!! Kenzo Ice cubes!!!

So cool!!! Literally!!!
This is frozen fragrance!!! Imagine the nice ;) sensations on the skin!!!! It releases perfume as it melts!!! Hum...

One more, one more, to close in great style!!! The world is turning japanese!!!
Check the videos from Prada to launch the Yo-Yo bag!!! (I'm not sure I like the bag, but I definitely like the initiative!!!)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hot light

No stories today...just sharing something beautiful!!!!Only comment is that the majority of the light spots in my house are actually wall spots, and I want one of thissss!!!!! Specially now that the winter is coming!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Vejo flores em voce (I see flowers in you!)

This comes with a little delay...
It was Friday, I was reaaaaaaaaaally upset...Left the office at 8:30 pm (unacceptable!!!!). 
Again, my tube stories...I was so tired I could barely thing about what to do, if I wanted to just stay home, meet some friends or what...
Actually I was almost sleeping. 
Then this lady got into the tube with these beautiful flowers. She was tiny, the flowers were huge!!!! 
I started creating stories about her. The one I liked the most was the simplest one (and also, honestly, I was tired to keep on creating stories...): she just received flowers from someone special on that Friday as a "flavour" of how the weekend ahead would be. 

Arriving home, look what was waiting for me:

When I left home in the morning, they were all closed. It seems they understood how I was feeling, and just wanted to welcome me home!

Then, I just looked around and realised that my place is full of flowers, the real and the not so real ones...but always flowers...from the beautiful vase it took me 6 months to buy because at first I thought it was a bit too much, to kitsch...

(in case you access the link, please don't think I'm crazy, I bought it on sale!!!) my wonderful paint, the one that brings live to the living room - her name is Yum Yum! I just found this out today, before posting this, and actually, I quite like it!!! (

Vejo flores em voce!!!
(I see flowers in you!!!)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Vale Guapa

Flamenco was one my resolutions coming to London.

4-5 classes later, wearing proper Flamenco shoes and a long skirt from a brand called Farm ( think Rio de Janeiro, beach, colours... well, Farm is something around that -

(Parenthesis): My flamenco outfit! The skirt was not the best match for my beautiful and original Flamenco shoes at all!!!

But I was so so so excited about that loud guitar, that atmosphere, that vibe, the fever and strength of the movements. The dance really made me feel different (even though I couldn't co-ordinate my hands and fingers in a "nice" way, you know that beautiful movement with the hands right? Well, I couldn't to it in an acceptable way. Bugger!!!!!

Anyway, it was me and Bianca (she co-ordinates hands and fingers muchhhh better than I do!) but then, there was this new teacher + 25 flamenco star aspirers. Instead of teaching steps and movements, the freak teacher was boring us with a "memory" steps game. Boring, boring, boring! 

Imagine 25 people in a circle, each creating random steps (all beginners, so you can imagine the "beauty and sophistication" of the steps!). Each one of us had to repeat what the one before did PLUS all the other 24. I felt stupid, started questioning my mental capacity, felt totally unable to either dance or memorise anything (not to mentioned about the hands, I could barely co-ordinate my feet!!!) . 

So... Flamenco died before it flourished!!!

Cut! Time, time, time..1 year later...

Remember the "crisis" due to the volcano ashes back in April? I was trapped in Argentina, flight was cancelled. We had to cancel our trip to Seville-  until this weekend.
We were 4, sangria+sangria+tapas+sangria, 40 C degrees. Every where I looked at, something related to flamenco popped in front of me. We found this studio owned by 2 lovely ladies, all dedicated to create those beautiful and voluptuous dresses. 

Then, after a nice dinner by the river we found this amazing place (Casa La Anselma) and well, the magic was definitely back! 
It was one of the most incredible experiences I had. First, it was a all locals place! This always make the difference! When you travel, you want to feel part of the place right? Like as you were from there...
There was a group playing the most amazing flamenco songs, the people seated around them, mesmerised. We thought it was going to be like, and were already finding it incredible, but then, couples, each at a time, started to stand up, in that tiny bar and dance the most passionate and inspiring flamenco!!! I'm struggling to find the words...well, actually I never will!!! Flamenco was back to my life! And to Bianca's and to Livia's!
This is a print I bought.
It's the first one a collection I'm building to  beautify the wall behind my bed.
Like it? ;)
On Sunday we decided to visit Cordoba- 46C degrees- we were melting!!! 
"Abanicos" were not enough! Even though they are so cute!!! And also, let's me honest, they are so charming and sensual!

Well, I HAD to buy my skirt , I dreamt about it (Flamenco + Farm skirt no longer, no way!). Found it! 
Classes start next Monday, me and Bianca again. The place, one of the most cool dance studios in London ( Wait and see!  VALE GUAPA!!!!????

Ahhh, a final image, that closed the trip with an intriguing message!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Mini POP

Just a quickie today: a Mini POP quickie... 
You may be asking: "what is she talking about?!" 
I love mini  stuff : they are cute, they may be highly "engineered", give the description you want, but no one will deny they are always something delicious to the eyes. 
The inspiration for this post came from a newsletter I received from Melissa with their  mini Melissa ( PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LOOK AT THIS!!!!

I felt like almost "eating" them!!!Aren't them soooooo cute???? 
For us, brazilian girls, Melissa means childhood! Brazilian ladies, tell me: who never had a "melissinha"??? 
The transparent ones, the pink ones, the shiny ones (with glitter remember?!), the one that with strawberry fragrance????!!! Saudades! (there's no translation to this word! Sorry!)
Well, from mini, to delicious, my brain connections took me to 2 other mini POP delicious things! 
Mini Oreo and mini Nutella! 
Mini Oreo drives me crazy, specially with a Snog ( 
(Kathrine, when are we going to have our next?!)

ok, ok...this is becoming a "sweet torture, I know"...
So, closing it up, I have some mini Nutella at home and 'cause it's all about trade offs, I'll skip dinner to have mine now! Good mini POP night to all of you, my friends!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Full steam

So, ok, I can't help myself from sending my second post of the day.

But,  before starting, let me explain why in English now (I'll try my best!!!).
After some requests from my "manager" (my dear and lovely friend Ceci Catalano), I've decided that from now on I'll post in English as much as I can, so people from "all over the world" (her words!!!) can understand my "collection of beautiful things"....
Any-ways, my mind, heart and soul are in "Portuguese", but the writing will be in English from now on. Ok? Deal?

So, let's go for the second round of the day!
I've been seeing these tights for a while...I googled everywhere (you won't imagine the number or word combinations I used to try to find it) and managed to buy one last year through eBay. Guess what? It was  damaged!!! I had a "fight" with eBay, no results.
40 pounds, completely wasted (yes! I was so obsessed about them that I paid that price! Crazy, I know!!!).

I was flicking through my pictures (yes, I have thousands of images - the collector of beautiful images) and saw them again. Well, once you fall in love, it's not that easy to forget (not for me at least, hahahaha)
Google again, found them!!!! 12 pounds! Directly from the brand website. Not that cheap, but still a better business than before. Aren't they something?! I thought I'd never say that, but I can't wait for the winter!
The picture is not the best, I don't like the shoes at all!!!!, but aren't them simply cool???
(by House of Holland)

Emily & Louise

Hoje nao ia rolar nada por aqui, mas nao tem como nao dividir essa. Estava no metro, voltando pra casa, lendo as ultimas paginas do meu livro e choque!!! A Emma, principal personagem morreu! Foi tao automatico, dei um mega suspiro de susto, daqueles meio alto sabe? As pessoas me olharam, devem ter pensado: essa 'e meio fora...I don't care! Do you? hahahaha

Bom, continuando, estava eu ali, mergulhada na morte da Emma e ai entram 2 menininhas, gemeas, fofas. Eu no meio, uma sentada de cada lado. A Emily abre a mochila e tira um livro (How to be a brain surgeon!!!!! ) e a Louise abre sua mochila tambem e tira, adivinha o q????? As suas agulhas de trico!!! E comeca a tricotar!!!
A la era colorida, um arco-iris:rosa, amarelo, laranja, roxo e verde! Nao resisti e perguntei o que ela estava fazendo.
Fofa ela respondeu: um blanket pro meu cachorrinho!
Serio, quis agarrar e dar um apertao! Tem coisa mais fofa que isso? E ai ela comecou com seus dedinhos a 200km por hora, voces nao imaginam a habilidade. O pai, sentado na nossa fronte, olhando, ou melhor, babando!!! Lindo, lindo!!!

Pensamentos que seguiram o momento:
1) onde andava a minha maquina?? (resposta: em casa, na mala que ainda nao foi desfeita do final-de-semana)
2) saudades da minha vo, que foi quem me ensinou a tricotar
3) saudades da Mel, minha afilhada linda e de todas as filhotas de amigas queridas (Manuela, Fernanda, Sophie, Beatriz...)
4) saudades da tia Silvia que foi quem me ensinou ponto-cruz
5) ja que daqui a pouco chega o inverno por aqui, vou tirar da gaveta do meu criado-mudo aqueles kits de tapecaria lindos que comecei e nao terminei. (Vao virar 2 almofadas lindas!!! Have a look! Quando eu terminar aviso. By Emily Peacock)

6) quero ter gemeas, como a Emily e a Louise!!!

Ta, chega de pensamentos...Enfim, tive um "collector of magical moments" hoje!