Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back in time

Early this year I shared a post about going back to my family's farm house, seeing my horse again and how special it felt.
But that was just a lunch, very quick thing...
This weekend we went back there and I had the chance to literally go back in time, spend time like in the old days: walks, cooking, chatting, reading, resting, listening to the birds, to Beatles and Elvis...pure relaxation, nature...the kind of energy that comes from doing things you like to a point you feel it in your pores, in your breath, in your soul...

I found my first doll again, couldn't believe it!!!
I saw my dad doing something I've never seen before!!!
I ate this I've never eaten before!!!
I thought about things that I've never thought before...and I came to some conclusions and decisions about my life...

So, the balance for the weekend was very positive, and it reinforced something I always believed and felt: everyone needs to feel rooted, to feel that he/she belongs somewhere, it doesn't matter how often you go to that place...The sense of belonging, of being taken care of it what makes people strong, brings them resilience to face the though times...
A weekend that goes straight into my "collection of beautiful memories"...

Have a nice week!
My first skate! Yes, I love skating...
That, later has became roller brading, but the one with 4 wheels!

My first doll layette

The suitcase...

When I opened it, there she was! Great feeling!
I remember the exact day when I got this! I could almost have that same feeling once again.

Very complete don't you think?

Old pitures...
My "nona"...miss her!!! A strong woman that raised 8 kids alone.

Mum's and Dad's bags...
Dad's is from a very special cheese shop in Bath. Yumy!

Fresh vegetables

Let's set the fire

Love it! "aipim"!!! Yumy!!!

"Cuca"!!!! From the german word "kuchen"

Farofa & polenta frita & Abobora & Aipim...what else?
A lunch that last until...

Dinner..."Arroz de ovelha"


Sweet popcorn "Bilu", very traditional, my dad's favorite!!

Everyone had to help!

I was in charge of the bread... ;(

Creme de milho & Creme de palmito for the "recovering patient"= me!

Good morning sunday! As I woke up...

I saw dad doing something for the first time!
Tcha nan!!!!
And I joined him...maybe gardening will be my thing one day? Hahaha

The result!!!

My DoolHouse

And then I found him almost climbing...

No, actually climbing!!!
He didn't allow me to do the same this time... the "recovering patient" thing....

We used to spend hours in this tree when we were kids!!!

The sweetest plums ever...

Rico & Loro

Cousin & me & Mum

Jabuticabas!!!! Adoroooo! Love it!!!


Rico & Loro again

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