Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tea time

Last week I received very special visits.

By the day Barbara was leaving, Kathrine invited us for tea. Actually, it was "la hora de tomar onces", the "chilean" way to say afternoon tea.

Kathrine was the one who introduced me the scone with clotted cream.
It's originally Scottish. Now essential part of every British team time ! To die for!!! Delicious- a kind of sweet bread/ small cake you eat with this cream and jam! Hum...

The best I had so far is the one from the Liberty Tea Shop (Liberty again!). If you come to London, I highly recommend it! You can get crazy at the scarves shop and then indulge yourself with a tea + scone afterwards.
Another tip is to go to the Langham Hotel. They serve the most famous afternoon tea in London.

Anyway, last week's tea inspired me today.
I was working from home. It's started to get cold and grey in London these days and by 5pm I thought, ok, time for a break, time for a tea!
Then I remembered I've got some pictures of tea pots, cups, etc.

These are from Anthropologie. Another shop I love, more for their homeware actually.

Now my collection.Yes, I found out I have one and here I share some pieces with you!!! I like this mix, they are all different one from the other. Barbara would say: "Artistic!"

and for cream, & milk...

To wrap up, it's not for tea but I couldn't help myself from sharing also.
How special a coffee can be when served like this! (I love the lid!)

Coffee after lunch in Ravello. Just a teaser for the next post. 
It will be dedicated to Italy! Keep tuned!

Tea? Coffee? With cream? Help yourself!

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