Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Come to bed

Let's be honest, few things are better than a good bed! And recently changed, fresh, clean bed linen are definitely in the list of small and simple things that make you everyday happier...at least for me!

Today was that day! I just got home and my bed is so wonderful!!! White, crisp and fragrant sheets!!!

Confession: I'm really, really "attached" to my bed.
The story has begun 10 years ago! My bed was my first "investment", bought with my first salary, paid in 10 instalments, I'll never forget that!

I remember going to the shop and saying that I wanted the biggest bed they had! The guy looked at me and it was clear that he was
1) thinking I was a 21 years old crazy girl;
2) wondering what the hell I wanted to do with the biggest bed in the shop!

So, 3 weeks later the bed arrived and the lady who usually helped me every week with household stuff called me saying: "Larissa, there are some people here trying to deliver a bed, they say it's yours, but it's  a mistake for sure. This bed doesn't fit your bedroom, it's too big!!!! What do I do?
Guess what was my answer? (That was easy right?!)
"Denise, let them in! They are right, it's my bed! My, my, myyyy bed!!! Ask them to bring it in, I don't need space between the bed and the walls!"

And so, 10 years later, and my bed is here with me in London! Yes, it came with me!!! Inspired by my beautiful bed, that will guarantee me sweet dreams tonight, I share with you some other beds from my bank of images! Believe me, beds have their own personality!!!

-By the amount of images you see how "passionate" (sounds better than obsessed;) I am about the subject!)
Sleep tight! See ya!!!

Images from:
The french bedroom company
Casa de Valentina
Graham & Green
The white company
Apartment Therapy
Sweetpea & Willow

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  1. Uma mais linda que a outra! Também amo minha cama!