Thursday, 28 October 2010


Tonight was special!!! After several months curious about a place, finally I got to know La Fromagerie!

Actually it all started because of a burrata, a fresh italian cheese, kind of a mozzarella, but creamy inside!!! Delicious!!! Well, I had to find a place that sold burrata in London- so google, google, google...La Fromagerie.

And tonight we went to this tasting event, cheese and wine from the south west of France !!! The place is great!!! I highly recommend if you are in London! The ambiance is wonderful, people are kind, the food is amazing, they know what they are talking about (insight: I love people who knows what they are talking about!). Happy, happy, happy!

The room where the magic happens (part 1)

Attention to the globe! totally unexpected! loved it!
I want one at home, it's being a while to be honest! Decided! I'll get one this wknd! Keep you posted!

The room where the magic happens (part 2)

9 "species", delicious, delicious, delicious!

And because it's Halloween see you!

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  1. cuando paso esto q me lo perdi?????