Monday, 25 October 2010

The heater is on babe!

All I wanted for the weekend was to stay home...
I promise I thought I'd never say that, but it sooooo good when the sun is out, it's freezing outside (at least for my brazilian & tropical standards) and you can just stay cosy "inside", at home!!! And because part of being cosy is doing nothing, today's post is not about writing lots of stuff but about showing some things I found/ saw during the weekend (yes, I had to go out at least to by some food!!!)

A quick stop at Top Shop first (just because it was on my way to get on the tube station, just because of that, absolutely no other reason...)
Then some cool "window shopping" (loved it!!!)

This pattern is everywhere!!! From tights to boots to blouses to scarves to hats to gloves to to to to....

After, a quick break for a cup of tea, preferably from Yumchaa. They have the most special and aromatic blends I've ever tasted. Let's say it's both exotic and simple, if you get me...and the names are great (Pay attention to the "Betty Berry Nice", how cool is that?!)

Then, back home...cause goods ideas also need some warmth!!!

Sleep well all! See you!!!

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  1. What is this TopShop between your house and the tube station! haha. want to go!!!