Friday, 10 September 2010

Vale Guapa

Flamenco was one my resolutions coming to London.

4-5 classes later, wearing proper Flamenco shoes and a long skirt from a brand called Farm ( think Rio de Janeiro, beach, colours... well, Farm is something around that -

(Parenthesis): My flamenco outfit! The skirt was not the best match for my beautiful and original Flamenco shoes at all!!!

But I was so so so excited about that loud guitar, that atmosphere, that vibe, the fever and strength of the movements. The dance really made me feel different (even though I couldn't co-ordinate my hands and fingers in a "nice" way, you know that beautiful movement with the hands right? Well, I couldn't to it in an acceptable way. Bugger!!!!!

Anyway, it was me and Bianca (she co-ordinates hands and fingers muchhhh better than I do!) but then, there was this new teacher + 25 flamenco star aspirers. Instead of teaching steps and movements, the freak teacher was boring us with a "memory" steps game. Boring, boring, boring! 

Imagine 25 people in a circle, each creating random steps (all beginners, so you can imagine the "beauty and sophistication" of the steps!). Each one of us had to repeat what the one before did PLUS all the other 24. I felt stupid, started questioning my mental capacity, felt totally unable to either dance or memorise anything (not to mentioned about the hands, I could barely co-ordinate my feet!!!) . 

So... Flamenco died before it flourished!!!

Cut! Time, time, time..1 year later...

Remember the "crisis" due to the volcano ashes back in April? I was trapped in Argentina, flight was cancelled. We had to cancel our trip to Seville-  until this weekend.
We were 4, sangria+sangria+tapas+sangria, 40 C degrees. Every where I looked at, something related to flamenco popped in front of me. We found this studio owned by 2 lovely ladies, all dedicated to create those beautiful and voluptuous dresses. 

Then, after a nice dinner by the river we found this amazing place (Casa La Anselma) and well, the magic was definitely back! 
It was one of the most incredible experiences I had. First, it was a all locals place! This always make the difference! When you travel, you want to feel part of the place right? Like as you were from there...
There was a group playing the most amazing flamenco songs, the people seated around them, mesmerised. We thought it was going to be like, and were already finding it incredible, but then, couples, each at a time, started to stand up, in that tiny bar and dance the most passionate and inspiring flamenco!!! I'm struggling to find the words...well, actually I never will!!! Flamenco was back to my life! And to Bianca's and to Livia's!
This is a print I bought.
It's the first one a collection I'm building to  beautify the wall behind my bed.
Like it? ;)
On Sunday we decided to visit Cordoba- 46C degrees- we were melting!!! 
"Abanicos" were not enough! Even though they are so cute!!! And also, let's me honest, they are so charming and sensual!

Well, I HAD to buy my skirt , I dreamt about it (Flamenco + Farm skirt no longer, no way!). Found it! 
Classes start next Monday, me and Bianca again. The place, one of the most cool dance studios in London ( Wait and see!  VALE GUAPA!!!!????

Ahhh, a final image, that closed the trip with an intriguing message!


  1. Que post mais lindo! Adorei! Lindas as roupas, os leques, a gravura e SIGUE BUSCANDOME guapa!
    Não é flamenco, mas eu fui na Feria de Sevilla uma vez e é um espetáculo tão lindo! Todo mundo nas ruas vestido a caráter. Todos dançando la sevillana nas casetas. Muito legal! As crianças eram a coisa mais linda! Já foste, Lari? Vais amar! Beijo!

  2. eu adoro q estas sempre comigo Ma! achei lindo, lindo, lindo! Depois te conto como foi a primeira aula na segunda!!! bjooo, saudades

  3. que lindo La!!!!!!!
    todo lo q me perdi :(
    quiero ver tuas suas fotos my friend.

  4. Nossa, eu AMEI. Beijos da Pafs

  5. Sigue Buscandome fechou com chave de ouro! Adorei saber das tuas aulas de flamenco. Dança forte, cheia de energia. Quanta vida na tua vida, hein Lari? Beijos