Thursday, 2 September 2010

Mini POP

Just a quickie today: a Mini POP quickie... 
You may be asking: "what is she talking about?!" 
I love mini  stuff : they are cute, they may be highly "engineered", give the description you want, but no one will deny they are always something delicious to the eyes. 
The inspiration for this post came from a newsletter I received from Melissa with their  mini Melissa ( PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LOOK AT THIS!!!!

I felt like almost "eating" them!!!Aren't them soooooo cute???? 
For us, brazilian girls, Melissa means childhood! Brazilian ladies, tell me: who never had a "melissinha"??? 
The transparent ones, the pink ones, the shiny ones (with glitter remember?!), the one that with strawberry fragrance????!!! Saudades! (there's no translation to this word! Sorry!)
Well, from mini, to delicious, my brain connections took me to 2 other mini POP delicious things! 
Mini Oreo and mini Nutella! 
Mini Oreo drives me crazy, specially with a Snog ( 
(Kathrine, when are we going to have our next?!)

ok, ok...this is becoming a "sweet torture, I know"...
So, closing it up, I have some mini Nutella at home and 'cause it's all about trade offs, I'll skip dinner to have mine now! Good mini POP night to all of you, my friends!


  1. Estou sempre pronta para um Snogg!! E fiquei sentindo falta de pelo menos uma mencao do seu Mini Cremoso! Alem de Mini eh com certeza uma beautiful thing! Bjo e parabens pelo blog! Esta o maximo! K

  2. Eh verdade!!! Os mini cremoso e mini baunilhos!!!! Vou tirar uma foto e postar semana q vem, como mini POP, o retorno!!!

  3. i love mini melissas!!!! :D