Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Full steam

So, ok, I can't help myself from sending my second post of the day.

But,  before starting, let me explain why in English now (I'll try my best!!!).
After some requests from my "manager" (my dear and lovely friend Ceci Catalano), I've decided that from now on I'll post in English as much as I can, so people from "all over the world" (her words!!!) can understand my "collection of beautiful things"....
Any-ways, my mind, heart and soul are in "Portuguese", but the writing will be in English from now on. Ok? Deal?

So, let's go for the second round of the day!
I've been seeing these tights for a while...I googled everywhere (you won't imagine the number or word combinations I used to try to find it) and managed to buy one last year through eBay. Guess what? It was  damaged!!! I had a "fight" with eBay, no results.
40 pounds, completely wasted (yes! I was so obsessed about them that I paid that price! Crazy, I know!!!).

I was flicking through my pictures (yes, I have thousands of images - the collector of beautiful images) and saw them again. Well, once you fall in love, it's not that easy to forget (not for me at least, hahahaha)
Google again, found them!!!! 12 pounds! Directly from the brand website. Not that cheap, but still a better business than before. Aren't they something?! I thought I'd never say that, but I can't wait for the winter!
The picture is not the best, I don't like the shoes at all!!!!, but aren't them simply cool???
(by House of Holland)


  1. Tá bombando o blog! Sorry, no translation for that!
    Outro que tá bombando é o teu English, hein?
    Eu já disse que AMEI o título do teu blog? A-MEI!

  2. Now I got your obsession for these tights! They are simple fab.!
    I am dying to see the "modelito" you're gonna make with it! ;)

  3. i simply loooooove tights, and could help but send you this link:
    most of them are quite bizarre, but i love the idea of playing, making your look happy with them! i really like the Moothy (Spr/Summer 09) and La Pluei (Aut/Win 2009). Hope u like it!