Friday, 3 August 2012


She arrived today...menina Marina...
The little girl who will change the lives of my dear friends Neto and Flavia...
And I still remember when Neto came to our place and said: "Lari, I met her, the woman of my dreams!", and I said : "really? That's amazing!" summary, a huge coincidence, she was my ex sister-in-law! Yes, totally random, we couldn't believe it...after that, we spent New Year's Eve in Punta Del'Este together, we had great chats about live, love, people from Capricorn( hahaha, the 3 of us are...Neto Jan 9th, Flavinha Jan 14th, me Jan 17th) I was one of the bridesmaid in their wedding, they came to visit me in London last year and now, Marina!!! She arrived today and all I wish is I could be there to meet her and give Neto and Flavinha a huge, massive hug!!! Marina, a lovely little baby and one of the most beautiful songs in my playlist, from Dorival Caymmi.

In moments like this there is no way I can avoid questioning what I'm doing here, miles away from the people that matter the most in my life...
Anyway, Marina menina, menina Marina, God bless you and I promise I'll "esmagar" you very very soon!!!

Looking for flight tickets now!!!!

The most "chorao & babao" dad I know, for sure!!!

Neto and I in New York

Flavinha, the sweetest bride

The 3 "tios" bobos, from London, saying hello to Marina!

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