Thursday, 9 August 2012

BB Cream? Nooo!!! CC Cream

BB creams (Beauty Balms) were a huge thing but they are in the past Asia, the "new thing" are the CC Creams, and amongst the big international brands, Chanel is leading the way with its Complete Color Correction Cream (actually is a Cream x 4!!!).

But what is a CC Cream?
CC stands for Color Control, and it promises to be an evolved version of the BB Creams with better fixation, higher sun protection and lighter texture (oil free). Some also have a better moisturizing formula, with white tea and/or green tea extracts, macadamia, aloe vera, anti-oxidant action, vit E and hyaluronic acid. Ufff!!! Ok,  when will we get to ZZ Creams???

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