Friday, 6 July 2012

We are family

...And because the post earlier this week was about my Grandma's birthday...
...And because I have amazing cousins!!!
...And because one of them is here in London and after years we could spend a lot of great and quality time together...
...And because it's Friday and I'm thinking about all that has happened this week...
...And because sometimes in life we don't give enough importance to how incredibly important is to be close to our families...
...And because now more than never I wish I could be closer to them...
...And because my angels up there in heaven are looking after me...they "sent" me her, Karine, to spend time here in London with me and my brother...
...And because she is so sweet, she has texted me this: x

She said:
"Cousin, I just left your home. I would like to say something to you: your home is so amazing, so inspiring! The books, the pictures, each detail...IT IS YOU IN EACH AND EVERY DETAIL. Your baggage, what you've learnt and have lived, for any of us that are away from you to see... Really, there are a few places that can have such richness and be so light, soft and in such a beautiful way, and your home is like that! A reflexion of you, who is equally unique and beautiful! A big kiss my dear cousin"

How can anyone not smile and want to be close to such a special person?

Kari, I love you! And I love that you still remember that my clothes usually would be given to you, that you still remember the pink fluffy jumper with embroidery, that will still feel inspired by the things I say, even at 3am in the morning in is very important to me and I feel the same way! You are a fighter, you been through so much in such a young life, and now you are enjoying everything you deserve!!! And rest assure, that is much much much more to come!
Now, let's enjoy the summer, because as the song says..."The sun is in our eyes and the world in our feet". Also, there is a new "cantinho" that you'll see next week- a hint below!Amo-te gata!


  1. Amazing!!
    ;) Memi

  2. Sem palavras...

  3. Lindo como quem escreveu! Beijo Tia Helo

  4. Lindo lindo!
    Que bom ver um pedacinho da família vivendo intensamente e tão longe!!

    Fiquei mt feliz por vcs!!

    e fiquei mega assustada quando me vi ali no meio, na 2a foto! hahaha ops, nao era eu nao :P

    Bjsssssss gatonas!!

  5. Lindo texto Lari!!! Olha... Se eu já sentia falta de vocês, agora mais ainda ouvindo a mana falar tão bem!

    Beijos Karol