Thursday, 19 July 2012

A bit of summer

I really felt the lack of sun this year...
I'm sure I had vitamin D deficiency!!!

For the first time in the 3 years I've been living here I became dramatic about the cloudy, windy, grey, rainy and boring weather in London.

For me, the summer season is a very veeery important...
During summer we celebrate New Eyer's in Brazil, so for me it is really a moment that marks transition, change,rennovation and specially new begginings...

For that reason I HAD to go somewhere, at least for a week, so I could really embrace and feel it in my skin, in my hair, in my breath, through my eyes...and it couldn't have been better!

Highs and lows, Mykonos and Saint-Tropez, 2 places I've already been to a couple of times and I wish I can always come back. ALWAYS!

The summary?

Mykonos...relaxed, laid-back, flat shoes, turquoise, white wine, sunset, grilled octopus, honey, new friends, watermelon, big nights and long days, chill out music, big smiles and new eyes, contemplation and feeling...

Saint-Tropez...elegant, glamorous, luxurious, beautiful, arguibly over the top...candle light, Barry White, champagne, rose wine, raspberries...still Provence, lavander, country side, admiration and thinking...


See you SUN ;)

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  1. Empire of the SUN :)
    Very nice.