Saturday, 4 February 2012

Not many things get better than this...a snowy Saturday night!

So, tonight is the last saturday before my lovely friend Marcela leaves back to Brazil.
She and my brother decided to go downstairs and play in the snow while I was getting ready for our special night out.
My brother rang asking me to run and have a look outside the window. I got a bit annoyed because I thought "wth, I can not even take my time to get ready..." And then, he called again, again...I was about to stop answering the phone but then just decided to keep it simple and actually do what they were asking for...
And look at one of the most amazing and special gifts I have ever received...this is love...and love is priceless!!!
Thanks my beloved Memi and Marcela for making this snowy saturday very special! You 2 rock!

As a result, no cabs available, I was scared of driving and so we decided to stay in and cook!

It's so easy to make someone happy!
Thanks Ma and Memi!

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