Thursday, 16 February 2012

20 again...

How to celebrate 20's? Maybe with a capsule collection, nice ha?

Christian Louboutin did just that- a capsule collection with 20 shoes, one celebrating each year.
I don't necessarily " fell in love" with all of them, but still worth having a look...
Undeniable...there is art in them. And from someone that works with design, it's worth saying: most of them are iconic.

The Bow Bow

The Lady Gres

The Isolde

The Pigalove (I like the name)

The Icone A Clous

The Unzip Booty

The Neuron (my preferred one)

The Isabelle

The Havana Woman Trash

The Pluminette

The Highness Tina

The Armadillo Bride

The Copte

The Bois Dore

The Pensee (This one is interesting)

The Daf Booty Tag

The Troisronds (for me this is "the safe" that is not that safe)

The Sea.nn Girl (I want these "sexy legs"!!! ;))

The Alta Dentelle (Pure fantasy no?)

The Rose Du Desert (very "warrior"...)

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