Saturday, 5 May 2012

3 years...

Mixed feelings...I'm thinking as I write, no preparation, no drafts...
Saturday, May 5th, in London- bank holidays here- 3 years.

Just popped a champagne with my brother...not necessarily because I'm extremely happy, but more because a date like this deserves it...and one thing I've learnt with my parents is that we have to celebrate things in life, always...and that we can make the ordinary become special...

3 years...

What have changed in this 3 years? How have I changed in this 3 years?
Who I am today?

I am proud

I am stronger
I am more fragile
I listen to my heart more than to my mind...

I care less about what people think about me
I care more about people
I am family

I don't need thousands of friends
I need real friends
I need real people
I miss people

Eu sinto muitas gente que esta perto e de gente que esta longe...

I don't need approval
I need to sleep in peace

I don't want to be in several places at the same time
I want to be in one place completely

I believe
I trust
I think people are good and they belong to our lives for a reason

I like smiles
And I like tears, they are necessary sometimes...

I still can not stop talking...
But I think more about the things I talk about...

I am more open
I show more my feelings
I get hurt more often...
I cry more..
I respect my feelings...

I love food, good wine, a good laugh...
I love champagne, bags, shoes, macarrons, red velvet cup cakes, truffles...
And I love pastel, coxinha, cerveja bem gelada, pao de queijo, boteco, batida de coco e churrasco...

And I love party hard, work hard, live hard...
I love photography...
I am a blogger
I love my huge bed

I am more intense than I thought I was
I am red
I am colour
But quite often I prefer things in black and white
No greys, I don't deal very well with greys...

I don't give up
I am stubborn
But I listen...and give up...

I am an untold story...


  1. Lari Amada! Achei teu blog por acaso e queria te dizer que absolutamente AMEI o que tu escreveu e keep up the good job =)
    Saudades das tuas risadas e sorriso! Adoro vc! Um beijão!

    1. Mano!!! Q bom q gostasses!!! Saudades tbem! Mandei um inbox pelo face pra ti e pra tua mamis, da uma olhada! Bjs ;)

  2. Eu assino embaixo tu do o que a Mano falou e acrescento que tu es uma das pessoas mais incriveis que eu ja tive o prazer de conhecer!!

    Eh impossivel nao te amar Lari querida! Beijao e continua sendo a Lari linda que tu es! Tia Helo

    1. Tia Helo, tu q es uma das pessoas mais incriveis e especias q Deus e todos os anjos colocaram na minha vida! Muitos beijos tbem!