Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Come on babe

So, we met as "fashion dreamers" on our first day at the Fashion Design College in Sao Paulo...and that was 9 years ago. None of us ended up becoming 24/7 fashion designers though. The difference is that I gave up because I had to move to Chile due to work and she graduated.
She spent some time in the industry but finally has decided to pursue her dream and merge her art and sensitivity with her talent.
Now I am the proud friend of a "new born" photographer. And because she is a "new born" photographer, nothing could have match better than having the pleasure to have a new born baby- the sweet Nina-in her first professional work.
Her words: "For me there is nothing more pleasurable than being able to register things, moments, people, places. It all started as a hobby (I'm sure you all travel and take pictures), but today this has become the best "job" I could have. To be able to do something with passion is of great luck- I hope I can enjoy it for a long long time."

Camila Bertolucci, I'm sure this is just the beginning of a great journey, full of lights, sun, clicks and great smiles!

The best place of all so far... Mum's arms...

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