Friday, 27 May 2011

Show me your swing!

This week I had one of those corporate trainings that you never know exactly how it will end up... (actually, after 10 years going through this things I see myself playing the cynical more often than I'd like to...)

Surprise, surprise, it exceeded my expectations big time, which is pretty good!

Traditional corporate training practices apart, one of the highlights for me was to have my first golf lesson during the actual training!

I always found golf sort of interesting (in the true sense of the word, not the british one) and very "charmy".
I remember zapping through the channels on TV and stumbling at some golf championship then trying to understand what was going on and finally moving on given my complete ignorance on the subject: 2 above par, etc, idea about the meaning of that...

So, back to the lesson, it was sunny, the temperature was great but more than that, I found it surprisingly relaxing while at the same time a sort of "sport" that requires a lot of focus and concentration...I found myself trying to understand each movement, "feeling" the different ways to take the "club", the different ways I was positioning myself and "feeling" my feet on the ground...anyways, reflexions aside, it was a very very very nice experience!

There is no way this can not be great!

So, guess what? Gold gear, golf outfits...that was my google subject when I got home.
There is some subtle power combined with elegance in golf  that always called my attention and that somehow reflects in the references I found.

Starting with her...Stella!!!

Stella Mccartney for Adidas

A bit of Hermes

Some Louis Vuitton and Chanel

Now, the challenge is to keep up to the commitment and maybe start having that sort of fun more frequently...let's see....

According to the instructor, my "pace" is great, need to improve "direction", but overall it was a very good start!!! Well done me!!! ;)

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