Wednesday, 23 March 2011


When I was living in Brazil, the first thing I used to do in the morning was to open the windows in my room and feel the temperature outside...that breeze of fresh air in the morning was as if the day was welcoming to another special "something".

Here in London that doesn't necessarily work ;(
Usually, instead of a "morning kiss" of fresh air, what you get is a "gentle slap" of cold wind...(I'm being a bit dramatic, I know...)
Anyway, the thing is, this morning I woke up feeling as if I was back home. Perhaps that's because I'm already getting into the mood- counting down, 6 days to go!!! I'll be there, for 10 days!!!! ;)

...Happiness is in the unexpected! To my surprise, better than a "kiss" of fresh air, the day was beautifully sunny and birds were, what else could I ask for??? Soundtrack for the morning shower was Marisa Monte, this great brazilian singer, so full of soul, with her sensual yet pure and clean voice...good energy to start the day.


Finally spring has arrived! Days "might" be sunny and are definitely longer, birds are singing, the air is not necessarily cold anymore, all the "investment" in sunglasses start showing return!!!
...and beautiful pictures can be taken on your way to work...

This one was taken by Ceci!!!

Besides, if you really want to "blossom" this spring,  Stella McCartney's Spring 2011 collection is all about that!!!

Feliz Primavera!!!

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