Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"Pegada" street art

When I was living in Sao Paulo, I lived in Vila Madalena- a neighbourhood known for its artistic and relaxed vibe.

Very close to my place, there was this street (known as Beco) full of graffiti & street art. It was fun to change my way just to see what was new there every once in a while. 

Today, a friend (thanks Aline!) shared a picture of this french artist on her Facebook. 
I found it so inspired, so cool! And it also kind of break a bit the rules of the "conventional" graffiti,  always so "statement", most of the times so "busy", so full of information.
I liked the subtlety, the romance and... definitely it has "a pegada"!!!!

(Please, someone help me to translate "pegada"!!! I tried everything, from Google to one knows how to translate it! So, actually, this is another of those words with no translation, such as Saudades...Saudades da Vila, Saudades do Brasil!!)

This is the one Aline shared and I loved!

Que fuerte!


  1. pegada literalmente seria footprint, mas pode-se usar marc ou personal stamp para manter o sentido da coisa

  2. Homem com pegada é tudo de bom... esses grafites até dão um certo calafrio à la Cinira! hehehe.